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     Tau Gamma Theta was founded on February 8, 1968 at California State University Chico. We began with the ideals of 44 men that liberated themselves from the national fraternity Phi Kappa Tau. They left because of a dispute over the control a fraternity had over its members' lives. We believe that a fraternity should function as a democracy.

     Tau Gamma Theta believes and strives towards brotherhood. We Believe in unity, closeness and in the end friends for life. As a local fraternity, we are free to make our own decisions advocating democracy.
Charlie Preusser is a Founding Father of the Tau Gamma Theta fraternity. He is the only Chicoan to ever be the president of two different fraternities. He also served as Associated Students President (1970-71), as well as President of the Intrafraternity Council. Currently he serves as Chair of the South Campus Neighborhood Association which he founded, and serves on the Chico Pioneer Day Parade committee.

Tau Gamma Theta -- Alumni Association

     The T.G.'s have the premier Alumni association at Chico State. Since 1968 we have over 500 alumni. The Alumni association has their own officers and sponsor several events during the year. Our annual gathering is the first Saturday in May, same day as the Annual Chico Pioneer Day Parade.
Pioneer Week & Pioneer Days
Pioneer week and pioneer days were an integral part of the fraternity experience. This team building experience allowed the members to work together to achieve a common goal. Each organization would establish a theme from our local history. We would wear costumes, construct a building depicting the theme, and would enter a float in the community parade. This parade would usually feature over a hundred entries, marching bands from all over California, and 20,000 to 30,000 people would line the downtown streets to watch. However most people remember the social activates as the highlight of this event. All said this was a lot of fun for the community and the students.

     Pioneer Week was originally started in the early 1900's to help promote the College. Over the years, the event grew in size and popularity. However concerns about excessive drinking lead to the University canceling Pioneer Days in 1987.

     The Chico Community has attempted to continue this event under the name of Rancho Chico Days, however this was ended in 1990. A small spring parade is all that remains of this once vibrant community celebration. More on History of Pioneer week



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