The Celebration of People Parade in downtown Chico.  Organizers of a series of community events carried on Saturday, even as the day broke with drenching showers. And though attendance was generally down, the events still drew strong support from their most loyal backers.

Started eight years ago to celebrate the diversity of the townspeople, the Celebration of People Parade has been embraced by the community, drawing larger and larger crowds every year.

Anyone attending Saturday's parade would not have had any trouble finding a good spot to view the parade. Attendance was about a quarter of what it was the year before.

That didn't matter that much to the parade committee, a group of people who took over the parade from Chico State Associated Students a few years back.  "The parade is held to emphasize unity in town-gown and the community,"

Chico Artisans and the Farmer's Market held their events as scheduled. It was a good day to sell wares under tents and canopies, and almost everyone at both events had one.

Rainfall on the third day of May in Chico was almost three-quarters of a inch, while almost 2 inches of moisture fell in Paradise.