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TG Pioneer Week History

68   Lucky Loggers, Bill Rolfe, Won Sheriff

69   Pacific Coast Steam Ship Co., Jay Graham, Won Sweepstakes

70   Pacific Coast Railway, Mark Willcox, Won Sheriff, Won Sweepstakes

71   New World Riverboat, Wolife Hines, Won Sweepstakes

72 Brownsville Confederate Station, Jessie James

73 Buna vista Wineries, John Evens

74 Shanghai Al's Kelly Bar, Al Widdicomb

75  Corning Daly Observer, Ed Ausello, Won Sweepstakes

76 Lucky Loggers, Brian Goy, Won Sweepstakes

77 Chico Flour Mill, Mark Ciccarelli, Won Sweepstakes

78 Pacific Coast Steam Ship, Fred Sherer Won Sweepstakes

79 Freemont Mines, Mark Selkirk

80 Central Pacific RR,  Pat Driver,  Won Sheriff

81 Pacific Coast Whaling, Brian Colteaux, Won Sheriff, Won Sweepstakes

82 Chico Soda Works, Brian Beeber

83 Diamond Match, Mark Canepa, Won Sweepstakes

85 Wards Cove Packing    (banned from campus)

86 Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery

87 Chico Fire Dept (quad off campus)

88 Providence Lumber Mill

Sweepstakes is the award given to the best overall performance by an organization participating in Pioneer Week. It includes performance in Presents (stage show), Costumes, Quad Project and Parade Float.

Sheriff and Little Nell are kind of like a Homecoming King and Queen of Pioneer Week, the selection of  Sheriff and Little Nell was a tradition that dates back to 1929, the year that Pioneer Days was officially established at Chico State University after being known as Senior Day for several years.