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 Pioneer Week Photos

          Pioneer Week Photos
  • Old Pioneer Days portraits from the "O"

  • 1968 Lucky Loggers, Bill Rolfe, Won Sheriff

  • 1969 Pacific Coast Steam Ship Co, Jay Graham,  Won Sweepstakes

  • 1971 New World Riverboat, Wolife Hines, Won Sweepstakes

  • 1972 Brownsville Confederate Station, candidate Jessie James

  • 1976 Lucky Loggers, sheriff candidate Brian Goy

  • 1977 Chico Flour Mill, sheriff candidate Mark Ciccarelli, Won Sweepstakes

  • 1978 Pacific Coast Steam Ship Co., sheriff candidate Fred Sherer, Won Sweepstakes 

  • 1979 Freemont Mines, sheriff candidate Mark Selkirk

  • 1980 Central Pacific Railroad, sheriff candidate Pat Driver

  • 1981 Pacific Coast Whaling Co., sheriff candidate Brian Colteaux

  • 1982 Chico Soda Works, sheriff candidate Brian Bieber

  • 1983 Diamond Match Co., sheriff candidate Mark Canepa

  • 1984 Wards Cove Packing Co. we were banned from campus that year.

  • 1985 Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery

  • 1986 Chico Fire Dept, all groups quad projects off campus

  • 1987 Providence Lumber Mill

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     Rancho Chico Days

  • 1989 PG&E, Won Sweepstakes

  • 1990 California Steamboat Co. Won Sweepstakes

     Downtown Chico Parade

  • 1997 Downtown Parade

  • 2002 Celebration of People Parade

  • 2003 Celebration of People Parade

  • 2004 Changed the name of the parade to Pioneer Day Parade

  • 2005 Pioneer Day Parade

Special thanks to Charlie Preusser, Mark "Bug" Richards, Jim Beeler, Dave Johnson, Mark Maydak  and Marianna Miller for contributing pictures.  I'm looking for more pictures, it you have some you would like to share, please contact me.