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 What's New

October 2015 Founding father Charlie Preusser passed away Oct 6. We will be holding a Celebration of Life November 14, I will post the location on the home page when we have the details finalized. 

May 2013 The Parade was one of the best in years, and the boys made a killer float. Founders day dinner was also well received. We had 72 folks out at Nash's and once again Beach and Bozo played at the "O".

May 2012 This year, the parade went very well, great weather and nice participation by the community and the boys. They won best entry in the student category.  Charlie fixed some excellent food at the house after the parade for the Alumni meeting. Bozo and Beach played at the "O" that evening.  Photos posted on the Pioneer Day Parade Facebook page. Also be sure to join the TG Facebook page

November 2011 Alumni Phil Benevento passed away. Service Monday Nov 21 in San Jose. 

May 2011 The Pioneer Day Parade & Founders Day went well this year.

April 2011 Alumni Bob Bauman passed away on April 15, his service was held in Chico on April 23. He was a strong supporter and friend of everyone in the Fraternity, he will be missed very much. 

August 2010 We have finally posted the photos from our Awesome Founders Day Reunion on May 1.  The Omega Chi's also had their reunion in town, and some other old friends were in town. Fine time was had by all.

May 2009 TG's were in the Chico Pioneer Day Parade. While it rained,  everyone still had a great time. Founders Day was held in the Chico Women's Center, it was a big success once again. Next Parade/Founders Day in May 1, 2010.

May 2008 Those of you who made it to our 40th Founders Day know what a great time everyone had. The Parade (photos here) was fantastic, TGs won best float again. Founders Day Party went very well with over 150 for dinner, drinks and dancing, photos here.

January 2008 We are already planning the 40th annual Founders Day, which will be held May 3, at the California Park Pavilion. This is going to be a big event, and we look forward to seeing may alumni who haven't been around for a while. Check with Dennis for more information. Don't forget the Pioneer Day Parade is the morning of the 3rd.

October 2007 Tim Guernsey came through again, this time with more photos of Pioneer Week '83. There are really some treasures in these photos take time to check them out.

August 2007 Steve Swearingen (F'77) passed away.

June 2007 Tim Guernsey just sent me a few photos from Pioneer Week '82, the old Chico Soda Works. That was a fun year. Come on, I know that more of you have some photos hiding around the house, why not share them with you brothers. Email to me, or mail them to me, and I'll scan them and return them promptly.  Plus, I'll send you a free copy of the TG P-Week DVD.

May 2007 We had a fantastic Pioneer Day Parade photos here & a very fun Founders Day. Great band at Founders Day. Photos here. My first TG Pioneer Week was 30 years ago, the Chico Flour Mill. I'll never forget building the Quad. We worked on it all night. In the morning when I was done, while leaving the area, I finally stopped and looked at what we just built. I was just amazed at what we had accomplished. Later that week, my first parade as a TG. It was so much fun.  I'm on the far right here, just after we won sweepstakes.

December 2006 Photos of the Actives 2006 socials.

July 2006 Dana Lauritsen (little sister '86) sent in some photos from the Toga Party and Halloween, check them out. A's Game tale gate party July 30 it was a fun day, take a look.

May 2006 The actives put a great float in the Pioneer Day Parade, and the alumni had a great Founders Day party. We have decided to continue with Founders Day in May after the Parade, mark you calendar for May 5, 2007.  Miel Singletary Schultz F91 sent in some great photos she took in 91 & 92 take a look.

March 2006 Received some new photos and P-Week posters from Drucie (Fouick) Ashley from P-Week '75 & '76

December 2005 I now have presents audio posted for '77 through '83, (except 79) posted on the photo pages for each year. Almost done with the DVD which will include films and video from past Pioneer Weeks, Special thanks to Murphy DelMonte & Dave Johnson for sending me the '81 films and tape.  I should have the DVD available soon. Send me a note if you want a copy.

August 2005 Remember the Oasis? I dropped by the other day, and got some photos of the old Pioneer Day Sheriff and Little Nell portraits. This is the closest thing we have to a Pioneer Days museum.

July 2005 New photos from Pioneer Week 1980 are now posted, these are taken from the old videos and movies.   More photos from the videos will be posted in August.

June 2005 Photos from Pioneer Week 1972 are posted, these are from a 16mm film. I have films from 72, 76, 78, and 80, I also have video from 82, 83, 84, 85, 89, 90. I'm working on getting all of these transferred to DVD. Mark Maydak one of our founding members from '68 sent in some old Pioneer Week photos for 68 & 69, take a look.

May 2005 Pioneer Day Parade was May 7, great Parade, see the photos here. Of course nothing like the old Pioneer Days. Alpha Chi and TG's were the only sorority  and fraternity participating, sadly all other greek and student groups didn't participate. New Photos of Pioneer Week 1971 Charlie found these slides at his house.

April 2005 The house has been looking great since the remodel. Big thanks to Marc Selkirk for all his hard work. I've posted a few photos of the 'new' house.

February 2005 has been a big month for this website. I've moved to a new and better server. Marianna Miller (Omega Chi Theta)  sent in some great photos from the 80's. Posted Founders Day '05 pictures.  I scanned in some frames from an 8mm movie film from Pioneer Week 1976, see a very young looking Charlie Preusser.  I found some old B&W photos from my pledge class (Fall 76) and have posted them.  I also transferred stills from a video taped in '82.  Watch for more photos and still frames from TG home movies and video.

If you have any pictures or information on TG history, please contact me:  Jim Matthews